Pegaxy Crypto (Play to Earn Horse Racing Game)

Pegaxy Crypto is a play-to-earn PVP-style horse racing game where players compete for top 3 placement against 14 other racers. Each race has randomised elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed, and more.

Using strategic upgrades, food, and skill, players must place in the top 3 to earn the platform’s utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

Pegaxy Crypto Blockchain Game Latest 2022:

Within the game, players are able to breed, merge, rent, sell, and of course, race their Pega to earn VIS tokens. This system has proven to be a sound long-term economic approach when building an NFT/Blockchain-based game as it enables teams to build large guilds,

and scholarship programs, and even provides solo players the opportunity to earn in-game tokens through daily racing.

The initial sale of 5,000 Founding Pega was held in October 2021, alongside the PGX launch via IDO in November. The first 5,000 Pega were dubbed “Founding” Pega as they were the only ones created by the Pegaxy Development team.

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Every Pega after #5,000 has been minted (created) through the breeding model inside the game.

Pegaxy is well respected within the industry for its innovation in trustless rental systems, on-chain technology, and well-weighted economic balance.

Many also attribute its popularity to the gameplay, team transparency, and community involvement during the development process.

Owners and Renters can earn by:

  • Racing their Pega in PVP mode.
  • Selling high-performing or newly born Pega on the Marketplace.
  • Renting-out their Pega in the Rental Marketplace for a share of racing profit or fixed-term rental.
  • Collecting rare “Founding” and “Crowned” Pega and reselling through marketplace price speculation.
  • Competing in Pegaxy’s global competition, “The Grand Dash”. This competition takes place over 12 months, concluding in December, in which the top 12 racers of every class (60 total/month), compete in a series of events until the top 15 racers are identified at the Grand final in December (top 3 of each class). The top 15 will receive generous PGX rewards.

Pegaxy Fundamentals:

  • The Pegaxy Metaverse is built on the Polygon/Matic Layer 2 Solution and utilizes the dual token economic model initially introduced by Axie Infinity in late 2020. The governance token is PGX (Pegaxy Stone) and, as mentioned, the utility token is VIS (Vigorus).
  • The game was released in 2D and transitioned to 3D once testing was complete, and will expand further once compatibility with low-end android devices is confirmed.
  • Mobile gameplay is the primary focus of racing development.
  • Enabling large-scale rental programs and guild growth through the in-game economic model is at the forefront of importance. This creates a widespread opportunity for those wanting to access the game for free. This aligns heavily with our team ethos.
  • Through community involvement and eventual governance, the Pegaxy game direction and development will be dictated by the players.

Pegaxy Vision

Through strategic development and community insights, Pegaxy aims to become the home of horse racing in the Metaverse, while simultaneously providing an ecosystem where users are able to play, socialize and work in the same space.


Pre-Race Preparation:

Before moving forward, it should be noted that all races are free to enter, and no fee is required to race. The minimum requirement to participate in a race is one Pega.
When you enter the Pegaxy game,

you just have to tap the “Race” tab. Go on by picking between the two modes Pegaxy has accessible (Standard VIS or Drop Racing), continue by choosing the hall component of the most ideal for your Pega,

then click “Prepared” and you will be immediately driven into an entryway with a track that has factors that you can’t see until inside the race.

  • Select “Race”
  • Choose between Standard VIS or Drop Racing mode.
  • Select Lobby Element and Ready.
  • Wait for the lobby to fill.
  • Once the countdown is complete, the race will begin.
Pega Racing:

3, 2, 1, GO! Your Pega is currently running against 14 others! You can follow your own Pega by its situation on the left or you can see them on target with a bolt demonstrating your Pega.

How are the race results determined?
  • At starting game delivery, the race is not entirely set in stone by Random Number Generator (RNG), with slight choices making likewise subject to the Pega and Track measurements furnishing you with a fair and open door to put in the main 3.
  • We are endeavoring to get however many player-controlled factors into Pegaxy as could be allowed. This will consider higher gifted players to have a superior opportunity of top 3 positions, as they have focused intensely on grasping the game mechanics.
  • Pega’s arrangement with track credits (Earth, Water, Lightning, Speed, and so forth.).

Future Racing Developments

As referenced, Pegaxy will ultimately move away from being an auto-racer to a more customary/manual expertise-based game. Individuals will be expected to physically control their Pega during a race, this opens an open door for talented players to more readily act in-game.

The Grand Dash Tournament:

On top of daily competition, the Metaverse demands to know who the best racers are! The Grand Dash event holds qualification rounds every month, with the Grand Dash Final held in December of every year.

How Does it Work?

The annual Grand Dash Tournament takes the best 12 racers with the most noteworthy measurements in each class, every month! There are 11 capability months with the Grand Dash Final held in December of every year.

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Every month, 60 players across 5 classes meet all requirements for the great last, with 132 complete racers fitting the bill for the Grand Final of each class (660 players in all classes consolidated). The Grand Final is the single biggest day of hustling in the Pegaxy Metaverse.

Live gushed across all stages with live measurements and races, onlookers can watch from the quarterfinals, the semi-finals through to the amazing last for each class.
It ought to be noted:

Once you meet all requirements for the Grand Dash, you don’t have to qualify once more. Likewise, in the event that you are qualified and finish in the main 12 the following month, the player in the thirteenth will fill the position.

Rewards For Winning

Monthly Qualifier

  • A minor reward in $PGX will be gifted to the top 12 of each class that qualify for the Grand Dash Final in December.

The Grand Dash Final

  • Large $PGX rewards are allocated initially from the Ecosystem Fund, however, eventually, these rewards will come from the Community Treasury. These rewards are generous and designed to assist in the growth of the players in-game. The top 3 racers of each class at the end of the tournament will receive these rewards.

Note: As the Pegaxy game moves towards a player-skill reward system (i.e players that practice and learn the game mechanics, that dedicate a lot of time to racing and creating superior strategies),

the players winning the larger eSports style tournaments will not be those that have the most money and can simply “buy” the best Pega, they will be the most skilled players in the Metaverse. We think this is the best route to make competitive racing fair for all players, no matter the budget.


As an owner in Pegaxy, there are multiple factors you need to consider when breeding, and that includes your personal goals.

Before touching on the bloodlines, breed types, and probability, let’s cover the costs of breeding. Below is the formula used:

Breed CountBreed NumberVIS CostPGX Cost

It ought to be noticed that these figures might come to be changed relying upon the game’s monetary equilibrium, meaning the VIS or PGX per Pega to raise might change if necessary. To study VIS and PGX in addition to how to procure them, visit the VIS and PGX pages of the white paper.


It ought to be noticed that Pega are metal machines, in this way while reproducing, there are no limitations. Reproducing is conceivable with guardians, kids, grandkids, etc.


When it comes to the rarity of Pega and their bloodlines, it’s important to understand the table below:

To work on what you see over, the most uninteresting bloodline is the predominant bloodline while reproducing. Hoz (Dark Red) is the most uncommon bloodline, and Zan (Light Pink) is the most uninteresting bloodline.

So, for example: If you are reproducing a Hoz Pega Male (the most extraordinary bloodline) with a Klin Pega Female (3rd rarest bloodline), the child Pega is destined to be brought into the world as a Klin bloodline. Through this model, you’re ready to plan your own technique for rearing.

Breed Types

This might look confounding from the beginning, yet we should go through certain guides to work on what you see beneath.
So, for this example

You own one male Founding Hoz Pega, you then choose to raise him with a female Founding Hoz Pega. By referring to the two outlines over, the subsequent child Pega is a male or female Hoz Pega with the Legendary Breed Type. With this recipe, you will see that new Founding Pega can never be conceived, they are everlastingly restricted to the 5,000 made toward the beginning of the Pegaxy Metaverse.

A more complex example

You own one female Rare Klin Pega and you wish to raise it with a male Epic Campona, your subsequent child Pega would be a male or female Pacer Klin Pega.

On the off chance that it is still difficult to fathom, separate it into two sections. The Bloodline of the male and female, then the Breed Type of the male and female. Join the two outcomes and you will be the child Pega.
Reproducing Chances

Reproducing now takes into consideration more amazements. Rearing a Pacer with another Pacer is presently considered a 2% opportunity to get a Rare Pega! The realistic above shows chances for all suitable parent matches.

Breeding Chances

Breeding now allows for more surprises. Breeding a Pacer with another Pacer now allows for a 2% chance to get a Rare Pega! The graphic above shows the odds for all available parent pairs.


Breeding two Epic Pega would create a baby, and that new Pega’s breed type would depend on the odds as shown:

16% Pacer / 72% Rare / 7% Epic / 5% Legendary

Cooldown Times

Q. What is the cooldown time for a Pega to breed again?

A. Hoz 24 hours | Campona 48 hours | Klin 72 hours | Zan 96 hours

Q. What is the length of time a newborn Pega needs to wait before it can race its first race?

A. Hoz 96 hours | Campona 72 hours | Klin 48 hours | Zan 24 hours

Q. What is the length of time needed for a Parent Pega to be able to Race?

A. 96 hours for all bloodlines.

Q. What is the length of time needed for a Newborn Pega to be able to breed?

A. 96 hours for all bloodlines.


Merging your Pega is a feature, and it leads to potentially higher VIS rewards! This is all possible due to Pegaxy’s innovative burn mechanism: “Fusion”

At the point when you meld two of your Pega of a similar variety type, the outcome is a Pega with one unique case higher than its past. In high unique case Pega takes part in races with higher prizes.

Different Lobby Rewards

Pacer: 70 VIS

1st: 42 VIS 2nd: 18 VIS 3rd: 10 VIS

Rare: 210 VIS

1st: 126 VIS 2nd: 53 VIS 3rd: 31 VIS

Epic: 570 VIS

1st: 342 VIS 2nd: 142 VIS 3rd: 86 VIS

Legendary: 1550 VIS

1st: 930 VIS 2nd: 388 VIS 3rd: 232 VIS

Costs for Fusion
Pega RequiredVIS CostPGX CostOutcome
2 Pacer Pega8,000301 Rare Pega with 2/7 Breed Count
2 Rare Pega16,000301 Epic Pega with 3/7 Breed Count
2 Epic Pega32,000301 Legendary Pega with 4/7 Breed Count
Genetic Fusion
Pega RequiredVIS CostPGX CostOutcome
2 Pacer Pega16,000301 Rare Pega with 2/7 Breed Count
2 Rare Pega32,000301 Epic Pega with 3/7 Breed Count
2 Epic Pega64,000301 Legendary Pega with 4/7 Breed Count

Fusing similar to above, however, by doubling the VIS cost, players are able to take the two Pega stats into account. Genetic Fusing will follow the rules of standard breeding when it comes to inheriting the Pega stats.


The Pegaxy rental system is the first trustless rental system inside of a Play-To-Earn game with a dual token economy.


At the point when we say security, we don’t mean just for the Pega proprietor (Manager), we additionally mean for the Renter (Scholar). Generally, rental Last Day on Earth frameworks within P2E were constrained by the Manager, and installments were made physically to the Scholar.

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This framework gave huge chance to inferior quality Managers to “trick” clueless Scholars by having them work for weeks or months in a row, and never paying the Scholar for their diligent effort.

In the Pegaxy rental framework, we utilize a robotized payout and rental cycle. So, Pegaxy gives an escrow record to each tenant contract that gets all prizes and naturally conveys them as per the concurred rental benefit share (eg. 70% Scholar, 30% Manager).

The Pega that is being leased by the Manager is additionally held in the escrow wallet, meaning the Manager doesn’t have to send the Pega to another wallet or straightforwardly to the Scholar.

Rental Process:

There are three sorts of leasing inside the Pegaxy game. These are Fixed Renting, Profit Share, and Direct Rental.

Fixed Rental:

The “Fixed Rental” framework is the most convenient or “genuine world” leasing style. In this situation, an NFT Owner basically puts his Pega onto the market at a decent cost, for instance, 2,000 PGX.

As a trade-off for the 2,000 PGX, the Renter will get the Pega for a proper measure of time, for instance, 60 days. In this situation, when the tenant has acknowledged the understanding and the Pega is inside the escrow wallet,

the proprietor will get the full 2,000 PGX from the escrow account, but can not “reclaim” their Pega for the full 60 days, ensuring the leaseholders Pega for the proper rental time frame.

Profit Share:

As referenced inside the Security segment over, this model has been streamlined and mechanized to lessen the responsibility on proprietors. In this situation, a proprietor might hold 70 Pega in their wallet.

They have concluded that they need to lease these Pega out for uninvolved VIS income, but they don’t have the foggiest idea about any Renters or Scholars actually. In Pegaxy, they should basically make the arrangement by clicking “Lease” inside Pega’s dashboard,

setting the % benefit split they wish to give to the Scholar, and hit “Lease”! From that point, their Pega is set onto the open “Rental Marketplace” where anybody can acknowledge your proposition.

In this situation, when the Scholar has acknowledged the understanding from the commercial center, the administrator can “reclaim” the Pega whenever.

This is on the grounds that the Scholar might be failing to meet expectations of the Manager’s principles, and the Manager would like to find another person in the market able to work harder. This model boosts dedicated researchers.

Direct Rental:

This framework is explicitly intended for Guilds. With the ascent of Axie Infinity came the ascent of enormous scope organizations, for instance, YGG and Real Deal Guild. Having the option to purchase,

breed then lease their NFTs to researchers is the center postulation of most organizations. The rental escrow frameworks illustrated above are pertinent to this rental strategy also and will essentially improve the administration of organizations and lessen responsibility generally speaking.

Basically, Direct Rental permits a Manager to make a tenancy agreement which they then send straightforwardly to the Scholar for them to acknowledge. Moreover, the proprietor can change their % share benefit or take the Pega back through

Pegaxy’s inventive rental framework. No other individual other than the Scholar it was shipped off will actually want to acknowledge the Scholarship.

Platform Fees:

We have an extremely long-haul vision while taking a gander at what the studio would require monetarily, to construct Pegaxy to the degree of the game the local area wants. Additionally, we set these rates to what we feel would be a fitting section point for the depository, when it starts.
Below you will find the fees for the Pegaxy platform.

Marketplace Fee

NOTE: Players can choose to accept USDT or PGX when listing Pega or other items on the Marketplace.

  • Normal Sale: 3% of purchasing tokens.
  • Auction: 5% of purchasing tokens.

Example: You list your Pega on the marketplace for 50 PGX tokens. When the Pega sells, you will receive 50 PGX – 1.5 PGX = 48.5 PGX for your Pega sale.

  • 100% of PGX token to studio or treasury (if the treasury is initiated).
  • 100% of VIS is burnt.
Pegaxy Mobile:

Pegaxy, is now available within the comfort of your own mobile device. The Pegaxy Mobile App has launched and can now be used by anyone that owns or has rented a Pega! Currently, the app is in open Beta with racing available.

Notwithstanding, in the following updates we will gradually start to open up leasing, commercial center,s and rearing to permit the game to be 100 percent versatile based.


You’re in 9th Place!

Mid Race!

Crossing the Line!

Racing on mobile is far easier as there is far less friction with web3/blockchain. You don’t even realise you are interacting with it!

Pegaxy Satellite:

We envision this to be a gateway to endless utility for the Pega NFTs and tokens.

Developers are greatly incentivised to build “layer 3” games, on top of the Pegaxy framework, giving studios a launchpad and the Pegaxy Ecosystem users far greater utility for their NFTs and Tokens. Put simply, your Pega NFT could be a Mecha Horse, a gun, or even a race car. It simply depends on which Satellite game you choose to play.

Below you will see a very simplified flow of how the Pegaxy Satellite Program works.

The Founding Team of Pegaxy.

Mirai Labs (Game Developer)

The Mirai Labs team specializes in Web3 Game Development, with members located all around the globe. Their flagship game “Pegaxy” was founded in February 2021, and since then the team has been able to on-board over 90 full-time staff in areas such as,

Game Design, Engineering, Economics, Blockchain Development, Unity, HR, Product Owners, Art, Customer Support, and more. Mirai Labs was founded by these core team members, shown below:

CEO – Corey Wilton:

Corey spearheads the growth and development of the Pegaxy user base and the international community. He is actively involved in managing the marketing team, customer support team, and brand design team.

Based in Australia, Corey has had a career spanning over 7 years in the digital marketing and customer service landscape. Providing services to over 20 cryptocurrency projects since 2018, he has a well-documented history in blockchain and brings a broad range of gaming and digital marketing experience to the team.

CTO – Steve Nguyen:

Steve is the leader and mastermind in all technical and engineering areas within Legacy. He is actively involved in the development of the game, the development of blockchain aspects, management of the technical team, and mobile game design.

He is also the CTO of Appota Group, a pioneering company building an ecosystem of products and services for over 55 million users. With nearly 15 years of experience in the IT industry,

he is considered a seasoned expert in managing and building gaming platforms and mobile apps. Steve and Appota have built and developed Gamota, one of the biggest game publishers in Vietnam.

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