Banana Kong MOD APK (Unlimited Bananas/Hearts)

Experience the preposterousness and engaging drive in Banana Kong Mod Apk where you’ll join our stunning gorilla in his outing into nature. Go through an improvement of charming difficulties,

take on fascinating obstructions on the way, and be worth invigorating minutes as you endeavor to play through the staggering levels.

Banana Kong MOD APK Latest Version:

Go ahead and control our specially planned gorilla as you go through the splendid woods, swing on unimaginable plants across the upset regions, influence on the rear of a tiger, or fly in the sky as you get on a flying tracker.

NameBanana Kong
PublisherFDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Current Version1.9.9.06

Track down your method for vanquishing hypnotizing inconveniences, there isn’t anything that could restrict our remarkable Banana Kong Mod Apk.

Benji Bananas Mod Apk:

In the game, players will end up playing as a lovable gorilla who is experiencing issues with his store of banana strips, which has gone absurdly colossal and illogically helpful. Likewise, at this point, he is going against the results as the banana strip wave will consume him.

Assist Kong as you go through the disrupted areas endeavoring to keep away from the banana collapse. The game is the ideal advantageous platformer that each Android gamer would have on their PDAs.

That being said, you’ll end up having stores of fun as you look at the changed hypnotizing transportation that our little Kong can get while he goes through the various accomplices in Banana Kong.

Experience the smooth and fulfilling platformer motivation as you respect swinging through contemptible envisions, beating through impeding blocks, and riding on a wide level of various creatures that you can find in the various colleagues that you go through.


Android gamers will, most importantly, end up advancing toward the head, clear, yet clear propensity outlining impelling relationship with Banana Kong. Get our fascinating gorilla along concerning his excursion through the upset locale,

tropical disturbed districts, tropical islands, and various regions across the world, just to avoid his cleaning duty. Explore the unreasonableness and developing drive that you can appreciate at whatever point you have in the entryway.

It’ll require 10 seconds for you to deliver the game and begin playing. Additionally, the standard nature and controls will make things generally more incredible.

Intuitive touch controls for you to quickly get familiar with the game:

In addition, seeing which, you’re correspondingly permitted to get the all-around common contact controls that are amazingly simple to become cautious. Having said that, all you’ll ever require is a solitary thumb to finish the work.

Tap on the screen so your Kong can get around avoidances, swipe over the screen to make him charge forward, etc. Go ahead and take part in the affection outlining and mind-blowing platformer driving association at whatever point you need.

Also, whether you’re new to the game, the significant controls and clear data will permit you to see the worth of Banana Kong right away.

Take on multiple platformer challenges on different maps:

Moreover, as you set out on your convincing Banana Kong experiences, the game will correspondingly adjust you with the Goliath world which highlights many intriguing accomplices. Go ahead and take on astounding difficulties by and large through the game and just so wind up tracking down different locales. Click more mortal combat mod apk

Research the endless universe of Banana Kong as you have your little companion going through the resentful regions, swimming under the ocean, or swinging on the perilous envisions. The sky is the limit when you’re in Banana Kong.

Interesting ways of travel with Kong:

Furthermore, for those of you who’re enchanted, the game in like manner hardens a social gathering of dazzling travel choices with our little Kong. Here, you can directly run on your feet, or get on any plant around you and swing across contraventions.

Jump on a gathering and wind up riding at max speeds. Besides, you could get on a toucan and brief them to bring your overweight gorilla through the blocks. Make utilization of the areas and open travel choices to beat the difficulties rapidly.

Eat a banana for extra spots and limitless speed help:

Gamers in Banana Kong will similarly end up partaking in the amazing banana while taking off from the surge of banana strips that are endeavoring to get you. Additionally, endeavor to toss back your banana strips like a wrongdoer.

Moreover, as you accumulate the bananas, you’ll in this way gain additional focus and grant banana powers. Release your power and crush through any deterrents that are in your manner.

Link to your Google Play Service or Facebook accounts for unlocked content:

Also, to help you in your Banana Kong encounters, Android gamers talking tom gold run mod apk will moreover push toward valuable extra elements. In addition, everything required is for you to relate your social records to the game.

This will draw in the obliging Cloud Save choice which would ensure that you will not lose your in-game advances. Furthermore, for those who’re captivated, you can somewhat climb to mates and electronic gamers from any spot in the world for unequivocal compensation in the Leaderboards.

Collaborate with your record you’ll see all of your amigos who are playing the game as well as their in-game advances.

Free to play:

Disregarding having such endless charming elements, the game is at present free with the objective that Android gamers from any spot in the world might see the worth in their telephones.

Accordingly, you can unquestionably have it downloaded from the Google Play Store without paying anything. Regardless, since it’s a freemium title, there ought to be levels of progress and in-application buys that could disturb you.

Enjoy unlimited gameplay with our mod:

Also, as proposed, if you find the in-game buys and developments genuinely disturbing, you should explore our changed sort of Banana Kong pondering everything. This licenses you to participate in the open sense for completely free,

with immense bananas and hearts. Likewise, you’re allowed to buy anything you truly need and make various updates on your gorilla at any rate you see fit. In this way, everything required is for you to download and introduce the Banana Kong Mod APK from our site page.


With fundamental yet stunning 3D plans, Banana Kong is certainly a stunning versatile game so Android clients can see the worth in their contraptions. Moreover, the wrecking about and vivifying craftsmanship styles and character plans will make your run ordinarily really intriguing and enchanting.

Along these lines, the HD show sponsorship will make the game extra reasonable for helpful gamers.


Partake in your time in Banana Kong as you jump into the favoritism outlining soundtracks and traditional sound impacts consistently through your runs. End up trapped in puzzling wild-like circumstances, and that is only a spot of something more prominent.


Devotees of the prominent Banana Kong Blast will have another fantastic platformer to see the worth in their cells with the presence of Banana Kong. Participate in the first and most genuine Kong endeavors at whatever point you play the game.

In addition, since it’s free for you to appreciate, we see no side interest in why you shouldn’t allow it an entry.


Q: How might whenever at some point ensure 100 percent security for the Banana Kong Mod APK?

If somebody truly has any desire to download an APK report from, we check the huge APK record on Google Play and award clients to download it (obviously they have placed it away on our server). The APK record will be tracked down in our store if it doesn’t exist in Google Play.

Q: Installing an APK from licenses bracing it from the Play Store?

Yes, obviously. The Play Store presents from Google’s servers, except for downloading and introducing your connection, and page stacking from grumblings like is something ill-defined. After you download the new contrast in the application, an update will start right away.

Q: How come Android App Permission should download Banana Kong Mod APK?

Applications need to get to convey contraptions’ designs. Right when an application is introduced, you will be shown every one of the consents it requires.

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